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frequently asked.

How boozy is one hardpop?

At 6.9% alc/vol. A couple of pops is like drinking one cocktail.

how long do they take to freeze?

depending on how cold your freezer is, anywhere from 2-5 hours. they're boozy, after all. for fastest ice-ification (that's definitely not a word), take your hardpops out of the box and toss them in the back of your freezer.

How much sugar is in a hardpop?

About 8 grams of sugar per pop.
Hardpops aren't too sweet, FYI. They lean on the refreshing side, just in case that's why you're asking!

How many calories are in a hardpop?

60 calories (not that we're counting). Have a few!

Are hardpops gluten free?

You bet! They're also dairy free (obvi), vegan, and not too sweet.

What kind of alcohol do you use?

Wine! Wine made from oranges, to be exact 🍊This magical vino isn't comparable to the reds and whites you're familiar with. OTSOW has almost no taste or smell, similar to a neutral spirit like vodka. That's why we picked it. Because it's a little quirky and mysterious, but also because it does a damn fine job of making our pops boozy.

what are hardpops?

'hard' ice pops. as in, boozy ice pops. aka, ice pops with alcohol in them. in other words, frozen cocktails.

will you be adding new flavors?

you betcha! send us your requests & recommendations 😘

why are you sold out?

turns out we're very popular (we're blushing). sign up for our newsletter in the footer, and you'll be the first to know as soon as your faves are back in stock! it'll be soon-ish. probably.

shipping questions.

where's my confirmation email?

oops. sometimes confirmation emails end up in spam folders. if you still don't see it, don't worry, we'll help you out! email us at, and we'll sort this out.

um, who's "speakeasy co"?

selling alcohol on the internet is... well, complicated. speakeasy is our fulfillment partner. they help us get hardpops to your doorstep.

by law, speakeasy has to help us handle shipping and payment processing, so if you see a charge from them on your next credit card statement, fear not! that's just your hardpops order ;)

we'll do our best to make sure you never have any problems or delays with your orders. we have faith in our friends over at speakeasy co that our boozy little pops are in good hands, and on their way to you asap!

when will my order arrive?

the second your order goes through, we get to work! your order will be shipped and on its way to you within 2-5 business days (excluding during the holiday seasons, presale/pre-orders, out-of-stock items, etc.)

West Coast Orders:Typically received within 1-5 business days‍

Mid Central Order:Typically received within 5-8 business days‍

East Coast Orders:Typically received within 8-12 business days

how can I track my order?

we'll send you a tracking email as soon as your order has shipped! all orders are shipped by ground from our California facilities.

west coast orders: typically received within 1-5 business days of shipment. 

mid central orders: typically received within 5-8 business days of shipment. 

east coast orders: typically received within 8-12 business days of shipment.

Click hereto find out who your local carrier is

why can't you ship to my location?

well that's a bummer... sorry about that. due to rules and regulations beyond our control, we're limited to certain states and zip codes at this time. (USA only. Sorry Canada).

**Currently we don’t ship to the following states: AK, AR, GA, HI, KS, KY, ME, MI, MA, MN, MO, MT, NE, NC, ND, SC, SD, TN, UT, VT, WV, and WY. we look forward to hopefully working with these states in the future!

what happens if my order was returned?

a carrier will make up to 3 attempts to complete your delivery. because hardpops contain acohol, a signature/age verification is required.

if an order is returned due to the inability to deliver/the carrier has maxed out on delivery attempts, we'll refund you for your order, minus the shipping and a $20 return/restock fee.

my hardpops arrived damaged, or was damaged in transit

oh boy, we're really sorry to hear that... please send us a photo as soon as possible. email the photo(s) of your damaged hardpops to within 5-7 days of receiving damaged goods. we will send over a replacement order if the product is available, or a full refund will be processed on damaged items.

can I exchange or return my hardpops if I change my mind?

we're not able to offer exchanges or accept returns. alcohol comes with a lot of rules, and unfortunately that's one of them.

however, if there's an issue with your hardpops, please do let us know! email us any time at

why was I charged sales tax?

Hardpops is located in Southern California, which means that the purchase and product fulfillment is made in CA. regardless of shipping destination, we have to apply CA sales tax. (sorry Oregon!)

I made a typo in my email address

oops! contact us as soon as you can at

why is there a charge from 'speakeasy' on my credit card?

Don't panic! Speakeasy is the third-party distribution company who helps us get our hardpops in your hands. shipping alcohol is tricky, but our partners at speakeasy are pros. they handle the technology, warehousing, and order fulfillment for us.

do I have to sign for my package delivery?

Yep. we are legally obligated to make sure our shipments are signed for by someone at least 21 years of age.

questions no one asks us.

when will we run out of water?

unless water use is drastically reduced, severe water shortage will affect the entire planet by 2040. "there will be no water by 2040 if we keep doing what we're doing today."

get it together people!

how much does a NASA space suit cost?


how long do lobsters live for?

the american lobster can live to at least 100 years. the oldest lobster in the world was named George, at 140 years old. george is an atlantic lobster and was caught off the coast of newfoundland, canada, in 2008.

damn george! what's your secret?

who invented the fire hydrant?

no one really knows, because the patent was destroyed... in... a fire.

(yes for real.)